Starting out back in 1996, RAD has never followed the scene, rather doing it our way pioneering new techniques always building upon the foundations of being drug free and an asset to the community.

For 20+ years RAD has always provided equal opportunities for riders whether they are from rich families or poor, and given equal respect no matter if the rider is stacked on talent or limited.

The same foundations for success have always ruled, being work ethic, discipline, behaviour and a positive attitude.

It’s been a big ride pioneering and delivering the proven results here on this page.

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Pictured here is the RAD Van on its ‘Great Southern Road Trip’ racking up 4,000k for this years Australian BMX Championships, where RAD stood tall again, this time bringing home 2 x Senior National #1 Championships.

It wasn’t without a few solid bruises though, it was fast & tough racing.





In a space of three years, RAD has staged a total of 59 x stand alone skatepark shows, with many of these venues being places you would choose to avoid, being over-run with drug dealing, bullying, anger & fowl language.

These rough and tough skateparks have become RAD strongholds run by enthused RAD Team Riders that eagerly put in the effort to lead by example and be rewarded with official RAD Reward Sponsorship.

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“Thank you Max, Team Leaders & RAD Mums & Dads for changing the situation at our local skatepark, where myself and son were too afraid to visit due to severe bullying. RAD has changed that, with our skatepark now being lead by positive, engaged team leaders who simply idolise their sponsored position on RAD. This is needed across Australia, RAD deserves funding.”

Melanie K - Apr 2019