From day 1, whether it’s been Freestyle Motocross, Skatepark, Dirt Trail or our own Race Track Shows, we’ve always built it on rider camaraderie, showmanship and standing tall as drug free mentors value adding to the community.

‘Live To Ride’ is often a sugar coated tagline used cheaply, but in our journey it’s always been the real deal with Australian riders standing tall, riding with pure heart, courage and talent, each in their own way helping build the RAD legacy of shows that have consistently made their mark, built on positivity, work ethic, discipline, respect and commitment to helping the underdog rider or those struggling with depression or lack of self confidence.



It’s just what we’ve always done with our ability to deliver shows jam packed with rider camaraderie, inspired confidence & a hyper buzz of patriotic pride is what we’ve built our name on.




At each RAD Show riders and their families experience the hyper friendly buzz, excitement and industry leading brand professionalism with the skatepark being set up with a festival like atmosphere.

Riders understand the opportunity they have to earn a sponsored position through the days event also being provided opportunity to be responsible for the building and pull down of the full size RAD Show Stereo, sound desk and D.J role for the day.

The foundations of every RAD Show are:

  1. Respect your fellow rider

  2. Earn a sponsored position on RAD through excellent, positive, polite behaviour

  3. Understand that living each day illicit drug free is the best way

  4. Be a leader on social media by writing supportive comments for others

  5. Welcome parents and new riders to the skatepark with effort to make them feel welcome

  6. Learn how to greet RAD Sponsors and community leaders

  7. Participate in lessons on first aid and how to look after any riders that have become injured



Riders choosing to change, willingly wanting to be more, wanting to be helpful, wanting their position on RAD.

Just ask this guy, Connor T has done exactly that.

Against many odds so many riders just like Connor continue to earn our respect, support & recognition.





Riders within skateparks invest a huge amount of time and effort riding with absolute focus to master their tricks, in so many cases riding from early morning through until late at night in the hope of one day being recognised for their riding.

Skateparks are often places over-run with boredom, thuggery, bullying and drug dealing, yet within are a strong percentage of riders desperately wishing for more comps, jams, fun and structured days with all of this ultimately providing them with the opportunity to fulfil their ultimate wish, being to one day become sponsored.

RAD has definitely got the recipe right, with the riders eagerly embracing the rules, camaraderie, fun vibe and opportunity to become a sponsored rider.

We don’t sell our RAD t-shirts, caps and hoodies, rather providing these riders the opportunity to earn a sponsored position on RAD but only after each rider has thoroughly earned his or her position through exceptional positive behaviour, willingness to support their fellow rider and a genuine appreciation for the RAD Ideologies.

In many cases these riders are orphans in the system, or street kids that endure very tough home lives living with severe drug abuse, fear and poverty, with the skatepark being their escape, it’s how they get away from the abuse at home.

Obviously each skatepark is filled with a complete spectrum of children, youth, teenagers and adult riders, and in many cases this includes drug dealers with their being no Police present, nor School teachers, law makers or community leaders, it’s fair game for the drug dealers to prey on who ever they want, and often, it’s also a place where the tough rule with bullying.

But when RAD stages a show, development workshop afternoon or advanced coaching day, any drug dealers disappear and the vibe of the complete skatepark is one of inspired camaraderie, excitement, pride and patriotic commitment to the RAD Ideologies.





“Mate, nice work on what you’ve made happen with RAD, I for one think this is a solid idea and why not establish coaching mentors in our skateparks. There is obviously no place for drug dealing in skateparks but it happens, so we will definitely give you our support, wear our RAD gear and do what we can to build the movement.”

Nick T - Jan 2017